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After a weekend filled with talks about the future I finally decided for a release date for Nordenfelt.

Nordenfelt will be out on December 15th, 2014.

Nordenfelt coming on 15th December, 2014

After more than 4 years of development there is no excuse for procrastinating any longer. In December the game will be out in version 1.0, however it will look, play and sound like then.


Trailer for Nordenfelt 0.6

In preparation for the Desura/IndieDB presence I had to make a trailer for Nordenfelt.

Have a look:

I’m quite new to the trailer/video maker club. So if you have some tips for improvement please tell me.


Nordenfelt Dev Log 35

Wow, seven weeks passed by since dev log 34. Time to give you a quick update.

Tech Tree

Currently I’m working on the tech tree and its interactions with the level system. There are artefacts you will get from beaten levels. These artefacts then give access to more advanced equipment in the tech tree.

There is still much work to do and hardly illustrative stuff to show. Sorry, no screenshots this time.

Side Project: Book

I’ve started writing a short book about a specific game development topic. At the moment I don’t want to reveal more information about this. The only thing I can say right now: it should be done within this month.

I always wanted to write books but kept waiting for the right time. But then Rage Against the Machine’s Guerilla Radio opened my eyes. I just stopped postponing and kick-started the first idea on my book ideas list.

What better time than now?

Due to this small side project Nordenfelt runs on 50% at the moment. No worries, after the book is finished all attention goes back to the game.


P.S.: Get real-time updates via Twitter feed @nordenfeltgame.

Nordenfelt Dev Log 23

Here is the new entry in Nordenfelt‘s weekly development log.

I can sum up this week’s accomplishments in a single word:


Booting my new job, moving to another city and making a website for some extra money left no time for the game. Today was the first day I could work on Nordenfelt again. At the moment I’m integrating animations into the particle engine. The cool thing about a given engine/framework is that adding one more is a breeze. In most cases, the devil never sleeps.

I’m looking forward to show you some explosions next week.


Product Box Fun

I’ve just added a 3d product box to the upcoming sales page:

Nordenfelt 3d product box

Drawing this box was really fun, more than drawing game assets. Am I in the wrong business? I don’t think so because coding is even more fun. Sadly the last line of code was several weeks ago. Those were the days … Sigh.


The last update was exactly one month ago. And there is hardly any progress behind the scenes. What did I do during the last four weeks?

Well, I wasn’t lazy. As mentioned in this post I started some traffic gain experiments for One of these experiments is regular posting. I don’t know if that’s the reason why traffic raised but it nearly doubled within the last month. There are many more Google searchers which arrive at the site. That’s cool. More visitors are always welcome. I can’t figure out exactly what boosted the figures but it’s great.

On the other hand the experiments took also extra time. Therefore Nordenfelt’s progress dropped to 50%. Tweaking the editor for more fluent work took also some time. The rest went into coding new enemies (e.g. ships and new plane AI) and adding gameplay in level 1. Many changes under the hood, nothing to show.

I don’t promise anything at this point but the game’s worker thread priority should increase within the next few days. But first I have to do my tax declaration. That’s something I really hate. Useful statistics are great when they serve your needs. But our tax system is just a dated bureaucratic behemoth which must be fed with fine grained figures to keep officials busy. Thank god I’m a small indie without income. The less $$$ the less declaration work.


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Adventure Mode Sacrificed

Bad news for Nordenfelt’s feature list: the adventure mode has been cut today.

At the moment I’m working on the final version of the first level. Extrapolation of the content creation effort made it obvious that the adventure mode would delay Nordenfelt 1.0 too much. I’m going to finish the game first and maybe add the adventure mode later. It depends on how well Nordenfelt will be received and if the adventure mode fits into the game at all.

You never know how your project comes out in the end. 🙂