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Shadows Finished

I’m always pretty lazy during Yuletide. There is hardly time left to work between all these celebrations and events.

Nevertheless, I’ve finished drop shadow rendering yesterday:

drop shadow screenshot

Read this if you are interested in how this sausage was made.

What’s Next?

The next big points on my to-do list are:

  • reactivate adventure mode
  • online highscore board
  • create real game-play in available levels
  • finish graphics in available levels

I don’t know which one should come first. The order basically depends on the time point I’m going to switch over to closed beta. The alpha phase should end in the near future. That means Nordenfelt will start to cost a few bucks. It will be a fraction of the final price. Purchasers will get full access to an exclusive area where they can download all versions and can take part in the further development process. Finally they get the full game for free when it’s done.

Going beta at the end of February seems feasible. After a year building the engine it’s time to leave the demo state.

I’m looking forward to welcome you in the exclusive beta area!


Player Ship Finished

After six days of fiddling around with the player ship I’m sick of it. It’s time for something new to work on.

This is the ship as it will be used in the arcade mode of Nordenfelt:

3d view and 2d sprite of arcade player ship in final version

The small wings were mounted recently. This was done for one simple purpose: the birds-view shape did not look like a flying object. The wings are rather useless but provide a decorative hint at the vehicle’s flying nature.

Upcoming tasks on my todo list are making the playable level easier, adding some increments to the available weapon (upgrading) and many small tweaks like faster scroll speed or additional animations. I’m wondering when version 0.2 will be out. Hm…