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Nordenfelt 0.9 Released

A quick update: Nordenfelt 0.9 is out.

The changes:

  • updated level layouts
  • simplified the level generator
  • disabled auto aim system switch
  • added linear level progress, no more random level access
  • added score points for collected charge symbols

Download the demo or get the whole game at or from Desura.


P.S.: Get real-time updates via Twitter feed @nordenfeltgame.

After a weekend filled with talks about the future I finally decided for a release date for Nordenfelt.

Nordenfelt will be out on December 15th, 2014.

Nordenfelt coming on 15th December, 2014

After more than 4 years of development there is no excuse for procrastinating any longer. In December the game will be out in version 1.0, however it will look, play and sound like then.