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The Weakest Link In The Chain

You may have noticed that the download link for Nordenfelt 0.3 did not work. I have no clue how this could happen. I’ve checked everything twice before hitting the Publish button. But the devil never sleeps.

Here’s the fixed link, triple checked and sanctified to keep Luzifer away. 😉

Working Link to Nordenfelt 0.3

It’s a horrible fact that a delivery chain is such a fragile thing. You can have the best product or service but it’s nothing worth when you can’t deliver it (or its message) to your customers.


It’s time again to show what’s happening. Quite some new stuff found its way into Nordenfelt:

  • new second level,
  • new enemy types,
  • new background music and sounds,
  • new shield which recovers over time,
  • new particle effects,
  • health bar replaced with lives,
  • increased player ship speed and
  • many more improvements under the hood

Simply download the game, unzip it (e.g. with 7-zip) and start Nordenfelt.exe. As usual there is nothing to install and the game can be deleted any time without hassle.

Download Nordenfelt 0.3

Drop me a line what you think. I’m looking forward to your feedback.


PS: This blog was abandoned for the last few weeks. Don’t worry, continue button already pressed. 🙂

I dismissed blogging because I vowed myself to not write anything before version 0.3 is out. That was in the last week of October. Time flies when you’re having fun! See you next post, very soon.