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Nordenfelt Dev Log 11

Here is the new Nordenfelt dev log.

During the last few days I was working on the new homepage. Most of the time was spent on fleshing out different logo ideas. Here are some of them:

homepage logo draft 1

homepage logo draft 2

homepage logo draft 3

homepage logo draft 4

homepage logo draft 5

Way too many hours went into these drafts. But I think I’ve finally found the right style. I won’t show it here just to be a little secretive. 🙂

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See you next week.


Nordenfelt Dev Log 10

Here is the new Nordenfelt dev log entry for this week.

Final Level Segment: Dam

I’m working on the last segment of level 1 at the moment. It’s a huge dam where turrets will align and gun boats will cruise. It’s current 3d model revision looks like this:

current revision of the dam model

Preparing Nordenfelt Presales

I’ve set myself a goal:

Presales will start early in September!

Therefore I did some research and design work for the new landing page of It’s quite a prickly affair because look and feel will have impact on sales. Aside this there is much more to do before presales can start …

Goal-Driven Schedule

I’ve updated the time schedule and made it goal-driven and the features more prunable. Up to now too many of them could hardly be omitted. Further the features themselves became more scalable. Imagine sub-features of features, recursive so to speak.

I think the presales start in September is the most interesting point in this list. Nordenfelt 0.4 is quite dated now (February 2011). Presales will start with the new version 0.5.

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Nordenfelt Dev Log 9

Another Wednesday, another dev log entry.

I’m quite busy fabricating background graphics at the moment. Everything gets modeled in 3D first …

… and rendered from above afterwards:

The development focus was on ground textures so far. Therefore other models like the hangar or the pier are still in their grey-box versions. But their paleness will fade within the next days.

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Nordenfelt Dev Log 8

A new entry in the weekly development log for Nordenfelt.

This week was fully spent on level background graphics. As mentioned here I’m using rapid asset integration which brings an updated graphic to the game every hour.

This is a short, incomplete sequence of an evolving level part:

evolving level segment

I’m happy to see the game gaining substance with these assets. Finally the imagination takes shape.

Stay tuned for more level assets and subscribe to Nordenfelt’s RSS feed or follow me on Twitter at @black_golem.

Until next week.