The last update was exactly one month ago. And there is hardly any progress behind the scenes. What did I do during the last four weeks?

Well, I wasn’t lazy. As mentioned in this post I started some traffic gain experiments for One of these experiments is regular posting. I don’t know if that’s the reason why traffic raised but it nearly doubled within the last month. There are many more Google searchers which arrive at the site. That’s cool. More visitors are always welcome. I can’t figure out exactly what boosted the figures but it’s great.

On the other hand the experiments took also extra time. Therefore Nordenfelt’s progress dropped to 50%. Tweaking the editor for more fluent work took also some time. The rest went into coding new enemies (e.g. ships and new plane AI) and adding gameplay in level 1. Many changes under the hood, nothing to show.

I don’t promise anything at this point but the game’s worker thread priority should increase within the next few days. But first I have to do my tax declaration. That’s something I really hate. Useful statistics are great when they serve your needs. But our tax system is just a dated bureaucratic behemoth which must be fed with fine grained figures to keep officials busy. Thank god I’m a small indie without income. The less $$$ the less declaration work.


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