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Nordenfelt 0.2 is out NOW!

It is time for the next version of Nordenfelt. It has:

  • a new graphics style,
  • new player ship,
  • better controls,
  • weapon upgrades,
  • more explosions and
  • many more improvements

As usual there is nothing to install. Just unzip the downloaded archive and start Nordenfelt.exe. You can delete the game any time with no hassle.

Download Nordenfelt 0.2

Last time some people had problems starting Nordenfelt 0.1 on Windows XP due to an annoying DLL problem. Let me know if this problem still persists.

Tell me your opinion. I’m looking forward to your feedback.


I’m tweaking the last few bits of Nordenfelt 0.2. If everything goes right it should be available this weekend. Subscribe to the Nordenfelt newsletter (right side on main page) or to the RSS feed if you want to get informed when it appears.

In the meantime I’ve made a game play video for you. Enjoy!


Do You Play On Old Hardware?

Today I was pondering about the (minimum) requirements for Nordenfelt. It is a pure 2D game without heavy physics calculations or complex artificial intelligence. Therefore it should run smoothly on older hardware as well as on modern PCs. Hardware statistics from Steam and Unity are cool for investigating these details. The problem with these statistics is that they don’t show how old the inspected systems are.

Now I want to know if you have older machines which you still use for gaming. By older I mean systems built before 2005. It would be nice if you could drop me a line including:

  • age of the machine
  • operating system (only Windows please)
  • RAM
  • number and speed of CPU cores
  • free hard-disk space
  • video card type

I’m looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance!


New Graphics For Version 0.2

Quite some time went by since the last post. Time flies when you’re busy!

I just wanted to show what I’ve done during the last days. The following image shows a screenshot of Nordenfelt 0.1 on the left hand side and a screenshot of the upcoming version 0.2 on the right hand side:

Left half of image shows version 0.1, right half shows coming version 0.2

I’m experimenting with background tiles at the moment. The old tiles were “hand-drawn” in GIMP. Crafting tiles this way needs too much skill and time for my project. Therefore I’ve switched over to rendering whole 3D scenes to images and tiling them afterwards. IMO that makes the visuals more consistent and lowers the artistic effort.