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A Step Closer to Steampunk

I’m deep into GUI graphics these days. Get a brief glimpse over my sholder while I’m wearing my artist hat:

a partial screenshot of options

This is a partial screenshot of the options screen. IMO it’s a step closer to steampunk then everything else done before. My gut feeling tells me I’m on the right track.

That’s all. Blogger hat off, artist hat on.

>> Edit <<

Blogger hat on:

tehlexx pointed out that some details did not fit the overall quality. The problems were obvious but I could not see them from inside the Matrix. You lose the feeling for such stuff when you spend too much time at the backend of a game. Thanks to tehlexx mentioning the issues.

Fixing the issues was rather easy: simply turning off blur, touching up the “beauty spot” and replacing the polygonal pointer with a prerendered clock hand sprite inclusive shadow casting:

a comparison between old and new gauges

Blogger hat off, artist hat on. Changing hats starts to gall my temples… 🙂


Scores and Level Statistics

Version 0.4 is on the way. Only a few times left to go to sleep… 🙂

Yesterday I’ve added the initial score system, a simple accumulation of scores given by shot enemies. There are no lives anymore. You can replay each level as often as you want. You just have to pay with your score points. I’m wondering how this will effect gameplay in the future.

Today statistics found their way into the code. For the first impression I’ve implemented the enemy kill percentage which gets reported at the end of each level. Some people like perfect runs so the kill count will be their indicator.

new score and end-of-level-statistic

There are several other additions like display options or drop shadows. Version 0.3 suffered from a bug in the particle engine which is fixed now. Nevertheless there are some other magic frame rate hiccups, e.g. coming from the input system (PeekMessage() stalls, very strange). Version 0.4 should give some answers if these problems are just on my machine or on yours to.

See you in a few days.


The Weakest Link In The Chain

You may have noticed that the download link for Nordenfelt 0.3 did not work. I have no clue how this could happen. I’ve checked everything twice before hitting the Publish button. But the devil never sleeps.

Here’s the fixed link, triple checked and sanctified to keep Luzifer away. 😉

Working Link to Nordenfelt 0.3

It’s a horrible fact that a delivery chain is such a fragile thing. You can have the best product or service but it’s nothing worth when you can’t deliver it (or its message) to your customers.


Feed Strips Screenr Videos?

If you read the last post in your feed reader you may have been puzzled what video I was talking about. The embedded Screenr video was stripped from the RSS feed, at least in my reader application. Therefore I’ve copied the video over to YouTube and try to show it to you again:

Please tell me if this post neither contains a video. You know bugs appear in swarms… those damned, little bastards!


New Graphics For Version 0.2

Quite some time went by since the last post. Time flies when you’re busy!

I just wanted to show what I’ve done during the last days. The following image shows a screenshot of Nordenfelt 0.1 on the left hand side and a screenshot of the upcoming version 0.2 on the right hand side:

Left half of image shows version 0.1, right half shows coming version 0.2

I’m experimenting with background tiles at the moment. The old tiles were “hand-drawn” in GIMP. Crafting tiles this way needs too much skill and time for my project. Therefore I’ve switched over to rendering whole 3D scenes to images and tiling them afterwards. IMO that makes the visuals more consistent and lowers the artistic effort.



RSS Feed Problem Fixed

I just recognized that the RSS feed shows only the very first blog post. This is because I’ve moved the blog to an URL sub directory after posting the first entry. I forgot to update the Feedburner settings accordingly.

The problem should be fixed now. If you are subscribed to this blog’s RSS feed (I hope so) and are missing the last few posts in your feed reader:

Unsubscribe and subscribe again, that should solve the problem.


Todo List Version 0.2

Just assembled the todo list for Nordenfelt 0.2. Man, that is going to be a big load of work!

I don’t know which points this version finally will contain but I will start with redesigning the player’s ship. Monday or Tuesday should bring you a list of rough designs from which you can choose your favorites.

That’s all for now. Weekend awaits!