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Nordenfelt Beta 0.14 Released

The second beta version of Nordenfelt, version 0.14, went online today.

score popups

This is what has changed since the last version:

  • added rank system
  • added score multiplier gauge
  • added support for joypad
  • added pause menu
  • added score popups
  • added auto-equip on equipment purchase
  • moved boss health display to top of screen

Test It

Give the demo a try (download it here) or get the full game from the sales page. Use one of the following coupon codes to get the game for free:


If you’ve already redeemed a coupon code, please use the download links in the purchase email you’ve got back then. The links are the same.

I’ll send out a new email with install instructions within the next 24 hours.

Survey for Feedback

I’ve set up a short survey (5 minutes) with the most important questions for your feedback:

Nordenfelt beta survey

I’m looking forward to your opinions.

In the case you (just) want to get informed when the final game is out, consider subscribing to the game’s email newsletter. There’s also @nordenfeltgame you can follow to stay tuned.


Nordenfelt 0.12 Released

Nordenfelt 0.12 is out. This is the last version before Nordenfelt goes beta. What a joy!

War Zeppelin

Finally the last missing endboss found its way into the game. The war zeppelin:

Zeppelin Boss

This boss took about 100 work hours to complete because it underwent several design changes. The first drafts either looked bad or did not result in interesting gameplay. In the end the double-balloon design turned out to allow proper attack patterns.

Nordenfelt Goes Beta

Nordenfelt’s beta phase will start next week. This step is overdue because on on December 15th the game has to be done. That’s only one month of beta testing. Tough times ahead!

If you’re interested in beta testing the game, drop me a line at I’ll give away a few copies of Nordenfelt for free for testers.

As mentioned for every release: download the demo or get the whole game at or from Desura.


P.S.: Get real-time updates via Twitter feed @nordenfeltgame.

Nordenfelt 0.11 Released

Nordenfelt, now in version 0.11, got a new swarm boss in level 2. It’s a group of small flying bots which attack in different patterns:

swarm boss


If you want to check it out download the demo or get the whole game at or from Desura.


Nordenfelt 0.10 Released

Nordenfelt 0.10 is out.

new equipment Doppler Bomb new equipment Tesla Exa

The changes:

  • added statistics at level ends
  • added perfect play achievement
  • added equipment Doppler Bomb
  • added equipment Bots II
  • added equipment Tesla Exa
  • removed equipment locks in demo

Download the demo or get the whole game at or from Desura.


P.S.: Get real-time updates via Twitter feed @nordenfeltgame.

Nordenfelt 0.8 Released

The Deep Web is a part of the Internet which can’t be indexed by search engines. Examples of not-indexable resources are private websites (password-protected) or dynamic content. Google, Bing and other crawler bots just can’t get there.

Why am I telling you this? Today Nordenfelt got updated to version 0.8, yet the changes aren’t obvious. This is because only the final boss got (massively) improved. It now has one more combat form and several more attack patterns.

final boss - phase 2

Try to go to the very end. Download the demo or get the whole game at or from Desura. I’m curious who has the guts to beat the final boss. 🙂

Now, on to Nordenfelt 0.9!


P.S.: Get real-time updates via Twitter feed @nordenfeltgame.

Nordenfelt 0.7 Released

Welcome back!

For nearly a year this blog was quiet. If you want to know why, please read about the reasons here.

But I don’t want to talk about the past. The present is much more interesting…

Nordenfelt 0.7 Released

This is an excerpt from the change log:

  • added final boss
  • added level type desert
  • added equipment Omega Weapon and Auto-Aim System
  • added play analytics (player gets asked for permission)
  • (re-)added score system
  • replaced “level items” by “tech tree points” for unlocking equipment
  • primary weapon levels no longer need to get unlocked
  • player ship moves slower while shooting

I’m curious what percentage of players will allow the game to send information about their play behavior. The data is anonymous and only for reasons of game improvement. Nevertheless, people have the fear of being spied out. Therefore, enabling the analytics module is just for the brave. 😉


Download the demo or get the whole game at or from Desura.
There’s nothing more to say, just a pile of tasks left to tackle for Nordenfelt 0.8.


P.S.: Get real-time updates via Twitter feed @nordenfeltgame.

It’s happening: Nordenfelt will be available on Desura on 9th of July.

The release was planned earlier but I made a mistake. I decided to add a new level boss while the latest version has been in Desura review. As soon as the initial boss draft moved across the screen I felt the urge to include it in the release. So be it. God knows why my rational brain did not intervene: “A new boss? Fella, you know this will delay everything for 3 weeks, don’t you?”.

Delay, delay, delay – it happens every once in a while.

Anyways, 9th of July is the day:

Desura Digital Distribution

The following stuff bears the blame for “being late”:

New Level Boss

The new flying warship level boss is a larger-than-screen enemy. You have to blow it up section by section:

flying warship

This boss introduced a crucial part in shmup design: scriptable bullet patterns. Patterns help players to memorize attack forms and let them come up with canned tactics how to dodge bullets.

(Not so) New Equipment

Also the Tesla gun got revived (first mentioned here):

tesla gun

This unlockable equipment is great when broad swarms of enemies enter the screen. Flashes of electrical discharge span over close neighbors. This way you can blow up whole flocks with less movement. Quite helpful when the screen gets littered with bullets.