Here is the new Nordenfelt dev log. Today (as well as the 6 days before) I was so busy that I nearly forgot to write it. 🙂

OK, what happened in the meantime?

Research for Military Base

As shown in dev log 9 level 1 has a small military base. For investigation I did enter the web and searched for photos and screenshots of reference material. One interesting and steampunky finding was an abandoned russian army base:

abandoned canon

English Russia has some really inspirational stuff for steampunk games. Check out its abandoned places.

Set Up FastSpring Account

I’ve investigated quite a few payment providers like PayPal, BMT Micro, Plimus, eSellerate or FastSpring. Finally I chose FastSpring due to these crucial features:

  • fair prices,
  • customizable order pages,
  • many payment methods,
  • split testing,
  • VAT management and
  • Google Analytics/AdWords integration.

The support people are very nice and using their platform is a breeze. It’s highly recommendable.

Installer Software

Another field of investigation were installers. There are many solutions for handling install processes on different platforms. In the end the candidate list narrowed down to NSIS and Inno Setup. You can find a detailed comparison of these free products here.

The coming weeks will be tough. Nordenfelt 0.5 has to be completed and the landing/sales page must be set up. Keep fingers crossed that it will be done early in September. Subscribe to Nordenfelt’s RSS feed or follow me on Twitter at @black_golem to get informed immediately when the next release is happening.