Here is the new entry in Nordenfelt‘s weekly development log.

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Let’s see what happened since last Wednesday.

New Issue Tracker

I’ve decided to funnel all my todo lists into an online issue tracking system. The reasons are simple:

  • having a centralized task repository,
  • better progress transparency for you and
  • no longer repeating myself.

The latter was the main trigger for setting up such a system. I got sick of repeating myself in discussions which features are planned and what is going to be improved. In future I will be able to just refer to the tracking system.

There are quite some tasks left to transfer. Nonetheless you can already check out the tracking system.

Beefing up Explosions

Shmup players are special effect junkies, that’s for sure.

I can’t remember how often I’ve heard “make more/better/larger/heftier explosions” from testers. No problem, it was on my list anyway. Currently I’m investigating bullet hell shmup videos for the most brutal demolition blasts. Wet-your-pants stuff!

That’s it folks.

As mentioned before, feel free to support the project by preordering Nordenfelt. Many thanks to all the people who already bought the game. You’re awesome!