Another Wednesday, another dev log entry. This happened since last week:

Fixed Particle Effect Leftover

Particle effects lost their connection to their emitters during state switches, e.g. when a plane turned left or right. Therefore they stayed on screen forever.

Added Particle Effect Orientation

Particle effect emitters can be rotated now.

Made Exhaust Fumes Data-driven

Due to the now fully data-driven particle engine it was time to replace the hard-coded smoke column of the first boss and the Kamikaze trails:

kamikaze plane exhaust version comparison

old version left, newer version right

New Exhaust Fumes

The player ship and a bomber enemy got new exhausts. Just the beginning of attaching cloud spitters to vehicles. 🙂

There was quite some work regarding particle effects this week. Next Wednesday there should be some new patrol boats tearing around.

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