Here is the new entry in Nordenfelt‘s weekly development log. One minor release was done, more to come.

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Released Version 0.5.1

Nordenfelt 0.5.1 was released last Friday. As promised I’ve tightened the release cycle. No more waiting months for the next release. From now on updates roll out every 2-3 weeks, right into the secret development forum. Therefore I can announce …

Upcoming Version 0.5.2

The next version comes up on the horizon. Its theme: level 2 conception.

Up to now I’ve made a stamp sketch of the new level and derived dummy background graphics. I’m a little handicapped by the blank canvas fear. It’s always hard to get started with a new level out of thin air. What should be in the background? Which enemies will be there? Formations? Play strategies? As long as these questions clutter your mind you won’t get anywhere. Don’t think, scribble – ideas will follow.

Always Peering at Sales Stats

It’s thrilling when you start selling your own product. Every day you jump out of the bed, log onto your sales account and check out the charts hoping for new customers. The sales curve does not leave the floor very often but some peaks happen. That’s no problem, I never had the illusion of becoming rich by preorders. 🙂 Like developing the game PR has to be built up continuously. I’m curious if the upcoming press release will prove itself. We will see.

Website Tweaking

As done last week I continued website improvement. Aside the demo download buttons the About button gets clicked quite often. My conclusion:

People need a crisp explanation what your site is about.

That’s it for this week. Feel free to support me by preordering Nordenfelt or simply stay tuned by subscribing to Nordenfelt’s RSS feed or following me on Twitter at @black_golem. New insights every Wednesday.

See you next week.