Here is the new entry in the Nordenfelt dev log series.

Today was the first full work day after celebrating the release of Nordenfelt 0.5 … 4 days running. 🙂

Therefore there ain’t much to tell you today. But I’ll gain momentum over the next few days and will tackle these tasks:

  • Nordenfelt page clarification/improvement
  • massive PR – trying out new stuff like
  • website A/B testing
  • getting started with version 0.5.1

A shorter release cycle is a long-cherished dream of mine. Most of the time embarrassment is the only reason why minor changes don’t get published immediately. A trick I’ve learned while releasing Nordenfelt 0.5 is that a merciless deadline is the best antidote to acting reserved. So I’ll set up a few small dates for this month to provide more value to the new forums. Let’s see if it helps.

You can get your hands dirty on version 0.5 by preordering Nordenfelt! Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter at @black_golem if you rather want to await further progress.

Thanks for your support!