Here comes this week’s dev log message, delayed by a deity:

Nordenfelt 0.5 hit the shelves today!

Everything’s set up and running. Just the store activation is pending. Fingers crossed it will be done within the next few hours.

The last days were pure crunch time. Much work was done and I’m tuckered out now. I don’t want to list all the work details here. Instead I tell you a little story …

The funniest incident during the 0.5 release adventure was that I was cut off from the Internet just before release. Yesterday my father’s ISP (which I’m using ’cause I still have no own net – customer support in Austria seems to be stuck in officialdom: “Why hurry?”) halted our connection. A billing problem made them cut the line immediately. Everything for releasing Nordenfelt 0.5 was set up and ready to go but the final steps could not be done offline. GREAT! Some god presumably pointed at me and told his buddies: “Today we hoax this guy!”

Now (1am in the morning) I’m sitting in our local youth center (which has Internet) and write these day-concluding lines. Even if any deity tried to mess around with me I just can say:

Nordenfelt 0.5 is out for sale!

It was important for me to meet this milestone before this weekend, just for B.O.C. Murphy’s law came true again but good preparation made it fizzle out.

Nordenfelt versus deity: one to nothing