Here is the new Nordenfelt dev log entry for this week.

Quality Level 1.0

Many of the first level’s background segments became “finalized” regarding quality. As we all know that in game development there is no real finality I call it quality level 1.0. Feedback, redesign and polishing will increase this level over time.

Graphic Style Experiments

I’ve revisited an old topic: graphic style experiments. Nordenfelt’s graphics are (some kind of) realistic. It has textures, 3D lightning, accurate shadows, etc. There is hardly any abstraction regarding its look. So I tried a few simple filters to create a different, more artistic appearance. To be true: nothing really worked so far. But it’s an interesting field for further investigation.

Upcoming Forums

Nordenfelt will get a forum within the next weeks. Therefore I’ve checked out some forum software packages. makes it easy to find out which package to choose.

Product Box

As posted here I cut my teeth on drawing a product box for the game:Nordenfelt 3d product box

It’s just too cool to show it only in one post. 🙂

Sales Page Validation

The sales page is ready and waits for Nordenfelt 0.5 to get completed. Just for fun I dropped the site into the Total Validator and some W3C validators. Man, a load of problems were discovered. It seems today’s browsers are really clever when it comes to masking wrong HTML code.

In a week Nordenfelt 0.5 should hit the shelves. Hell, one WEEK? Subscribe to the RSS feed or Twitter at @black_golem to see if I can make this deadline.