Here is the new Nordenfelt dev log. The last few days were devoted to level assets so I can show you some pictures.

Thank god there’s no more bug shit.

Collected Reference Material

Photos and videos are very important for creating assets. They give new ideas, serve as modeling templates and are guidance for animations. Further you no longer have to fudge new ideas. Adapting existing stuff is easier and faster than coming up with something completely new.

Collected Free 3D Models

Models for detail sprites like trees, bushes, stones, crates or barrels are freely available on the net. They are not worth the effort making them yourself. Therefore I’ve inspected some sites like and got all those tiny give-away things useful for my game.

Farm House Modeling

Nordenfelt‘s first level has a rural area with farms and fields. The first models I made for it were some farm houses without textures or colors:

Farm 3D Models

The models are low-poly because they don’t need more details in the game:

farm house sprite

Integrating assets ASAP is quite helpful to not waste time on details nobody will ever see.

Field Modeling

There will also be fields of grain, corn or simple grass. This is the first grass tile test done with Blender:

grass sprite light

Showing asset work is always satisfying. It gives me this fuzzy feeling of progress. Good for the soul.

The coming days will also be spent on level assets. I’m wondering if I can show you an ingame video next Wednesday. So be sure to subscribe to Nordenfelt’s RSS feed or follow me on Twitter at @black_golem to not miss the next dev log entry.