This Wednesday I have just two points: a new enemy model and a really nasty bug.

New Cannon Boat

This is the first nautical vehicle in Nordenfelt:

cannon boat: sketch to game sprite

Hunting a Stealth Bug

Adding exhaust particle effects to the cannon boat unveiled a curious bug. Check out the following two screenshots:

boat rotation error

The upper image shows a boat heading from left to right. In this case the unit has no rotation as the debug display “native rot = 0” tells. The lower image shows the same boat pointing in the opposite direction, the unit has a 180 degrees rotation. Now compare the orientations of the exhaust particles relative to the boat orientations. Can you see the failure?

Today is the fifth day I’m chasing this damned bug. It’s a really tough beast. Hopefully it will be squashed soon to go on with more interesting stuff to show next Wednesday.

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