The last few days were designated to the controls of Nordenfelt. I’ve but some sweat into the mouse and keyboard “drivers” because they make or break a game. Especially action games rely on immediate input processing and comfortable control layouts. The control layout was the most important reason for the input system update. Future versions of the game (OK, maybe not 0.2) will provide arbitrary key/button/axis mapping. You will be able to configure your own input layout and save it.


  • move = WASD, fire = CTRL
  • move = cursor keys, fire = left mouse button
  • move = joystick axis X/Y, fire = any joystick button
  • move = IJKL, fire right mouse button (for all lefties out there!)
  • move = 4 joystick buttons, fire = joystick up

Some people mentioned the rollover problem I did not know before. I thought my keyboard driver was guilty for not working diagonal moves while shooting. This problem should be gone now.

The input system passed all tests and the silhouette of version 0.2 appears on the horizon. Coming days will be used for including some new stuff and working through the feedback list. Many thanks at this point to all of you who passed some info back to me. Keep this going!